Several ways to find out which paid apps are available for free

Recently, Play Store has updated a new item called "Free Apps of the Week". Similar to Apple's App Store, it allows users to download paid apps for free. With lots of apps and games on sale, this is a ideal way to use interesting apps. However, for some reasons, within a recent month, this item has not been available. Still, there are several ways to help you know when paid apps are free on both iOS and Android.

1. AppSales

AppSales is an app that keeps track when Android paid apps are available for free or discounted. All the names listed below are undertaken by one team. They are arranged reasonably with different categories and tags for easy navigation. Also, it keeps the history of app prices so that you can know how much it was.

You can add name of apps which you wanna follow to your Watchlist, so you can get notification when they are available for free or discounted. In Watchlist, you can check out some common apps inserted by other users. In setting section, you can set to select the minimum discount level and minimum download time so that only apps that meet the requirements will appear. You will get daily notifications about on sale apps from AppSales.

2. AppShopper


Appshopper is the ideal destination for iOS users to find discounted apps. The list is updated very hour, not only showing discounted apps, but also newly upgraded or lastest released apps.

You also have a Wishlist to arrange the favourite apps. If you are a programmer, you can introduce your newly launched application. Top Charts list shows the most popular apps on website.

3. Humble Bundle Mobile

Humble Bundle is most well-known for computer games and e-books, but Mobile plan is exclusive to the Android platform. For those who do not know about Humble Bundle, this is the system where you pay any you want for the game you like (at least 1 USD).

4. Subcribe to get news from technology website forums

Several posts on Reddit can help you to find on sale apps, include /r/googleplaydeals/ for Android and /r/AppHookup/ for iOS. You can get news from techonology websites, such as BGR or Android Police, PhoneArena because they often share information about discounted apps.

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