Within the project of enhancing the capacity of NGOs, NPOs in Vietnam organized by Vietnet-ICT and TechSoup Asia, the first ICT Talk of NPO Connect program was delivered successfully.

During the talking, Mr. Nguyen Trung Duc, the author of "Facebook Advertising from A to Z", CEO of MediaZ Media Technology Joint Stock Company shared about 3 effective communication channels on Facebook: Fanpage, Group and Profile and 3-step proccess for effective marketing on Facebook includes: Goal setting and Research; Strategy and Tactics planning, measuring and analyzing.

Mr. Trung Duc shared how to enhance organization marketing on Facebook

Nearly 40 participants, from 22 different organizations/ non-profit projects, includes managers, media officers, project officers, volunteers... proactively discussed the ways to enhance the efficiency of organization marketing on Facebook. Many participants have known about the familiar concept such as Fanpage, Group of Facebook which are also classified into Brand Fanpage, Community Fanpage or Group for Caring... to optimize information provision, care and interaction with community, audience, and people interested in your nonprofit. When Mr. Trung Duc shared about Facebook advertising, to reach 100,000 views, it only takes a maximum budget of 1,000,000 VND. Even many advertising campaigns cost only 10,000 - 50,000 VND and achieve goal effectively.

Ms Phuong Anh from VVOB shared: "I always thought that Facebook advertising was very expensive! After today, I will learn about Facebook Avertising"

Managers and members of NPO were excitedly discussing and exchanging in the talk

The sharing session takes place in exactly 90 minutes, with the goal of providing participants the best overview of thinking way and tools to run Facebook marketing for organizations effectively. There are still lots of questions that participants want to know the answers, however, because of time constraints, organizers have to note to answer in the next talk.
At the end of the talk, NPOConnect introduces about activities and benifits from Techsoup Asia for Vietnamese non-profit organizations, including copyrighted software awarding program and the capacity building support program through ICT.

Mr. Dang Viet Thang - Project Officer of Techsoup Asia (TSA) introduces about TSA program in Vietnam.

With the mission of accompanying non-governmental, non-profit organizations in Vietnam to enhance capacity based on information technology and communication (ICT), NPOConnect will regularly organize sharing sessions to talk about knowledge and experiences from leaders, officers working in NPOs in Vietnam, experts, volunteers,...

Contributing to the success of ICT Talk #1, apart from the support of Techsoup Asia, NPOConnect would like to thank to Mr. Trung Duc, for his enthusiastic sharing, the opinions from attendants, especially the venue support from Center for Marine Life Conservation and Community Development (MCD).

NPOConnect hopes these activities will help to enhance working capacity and efficiency of NPO's staff, and this will be an activity to strengthen connection, sharing and learning to increase benefits for NPO community.

More information: Author Trung Duc has just published a book named    "Facebook Advertising from A to Z", - an intuitive and detailed guidebook, will help individuals and administrators working in non-profit sector understand and manipulate as well as experienced Facebook Advertisers.

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