Technology gives wings to dreams of youths in difficult coastal areas

On the morning of December 13th, "Compter Science and Information Technology - Wings to Dream" contest, sponsored by Microsoft, held a ceremorny to summarise and award 52 innovative technology products to youths in difficult coastal areas.

The contest is widely introduced to junior students and teenagers in the difficult coastal wards of Ha Long city such as Hung Thang, Tuan Chau, Ha Khanh and ha Phong, encourages the participations of youths who have few opportunities to access science and technology. With the support of computer software, they can freely express their dreams, aspirations for future life or ideas to contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development of Ha Long Bay.

The contest attractes a lot of teenage participants. Nearly 200 works were sent to organizer, coveying their dreams with the imagination, creativity through information technology. After attending training courses about basic digital skills and "Dream Boat" project, having chance to access tools, sofware, youths can self-discover and create their own technology products. Specifically, products are created by office application tools such as Powerpoint, basic programming software like Kodu, Scratch, and short films by Movie Maker.

Works of participants are realistic and vivid drawings using Paint tool about their dreams of becoming an astronaut, a football player or their wish for a peaceful world without war. Moreover, many contesters used Kodu to make animated programs that express their dreams of future careers and ideas to contribute to the homeland such as protecting the environment and keeping Ha Long Bay green and beautiful. Each work is a stpry, a dream that deserves to be cherished and nurtured.

Tác phẩm đạt giải A sử dụng công cụ Paint mang tên “Ước mơ trở thành cô giáo” của em Nguyễn Thị An, học sinh lớp 8A1 trường TH&THCS Minh Khai.
A-prized Work using Paint tool, called "Dream of being a teacher" by Nguyen Thi An, a student of 8A1, Minh Khai High & Secondary school.

At the closing ceremory of the contest, Organizing Committee awarded two A prizes, ten B prizes and 40 consolation prizes, which are technology prizes to help them continue to nurture and develop their talents. Two A prizes are two stories about touching dream stories and also two works used techonology most effectively. They are work using Paint tool, called "Dream of being a teacher" by Nguyen Thi An, a student of 8A1, Minh Khai Primary & Secondary school and Power Point Slides Show "Ha Long I love" by Luong Thi Thuy Ha, Ha Phong ward. At the same time, the Organizing Committee also awarded 8 scholarships to 8 youths who overcome difficult condition of the wards participating "Dream Boat" project, contributing to create opportunities for them to learn about information technology (IT) and environmental protection.

Sản phẩm đạt giải A được trình chiếu bằng Power Point “Hạ Long tôi yêu” của em Lương Thị Thúy Hà, phường Hà Phong.
A-prized Work showed by Power Point "Ha Long I love" by Luong Thi Thuy Ha, Ha Phong ward.

At the awards ceremony, Ms Le Hong Nhi, representative of Microsoft, shared: "Every child, no matter where they are, they always have beautiful dreams and special potentials. IT can help them come closer to the dream and discover their potentials. The contest encourages and honors young technology talents in difficult coastal areas. I hope the "Dream Boat" project can arouse the passion on computer science for youths, and from now on, they continue to dream and use technology to realize their dreams".

The contest is a part of "Dream Boat" project, is funded by Microsoft group, computers are aided by Acer company, and the project is co-organized by Center for Marine Life Conservation and Community Development (MCD) and Vietnet Information & Technology and Commnication Center (Vietnet-ICT) and local partners in Ha Long, Quang Ninh. This project provides knowledge and basic skills about IT and computer science, marine environment protection and climate change for more than 200 childrens, teenagers in difficult coastal areas in Ha Long.

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