Ms. Pham Linh Trang graduated Multimedia Communications Engineer from hai Nguyen University of Information Technology, Ms. Linh Trang is very experienced in multimedia field such as graphic design, video editing,... 

Not only having specialized skills, Ms. Linh Trang also has 5 years of volunteering and social activities at the University. Because of passionating with community activities, after graduating in 2018, Ms. Trang applied to work at Vietnet-ICT. 

Currently, Ms. Trang holds the position of project officer at Vietnet-ICT, takes main responsibility for techincal and communication publications designing. She also has experience in technical support for Vietnet projects, especially NPO connect and Technologies for Social Impact projects, which helps lots of non-governmental and non-profit organizations to register for the software awarding programs from Vietnet's partners and assist them in using these digital tools. 

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