Ms. Le Hoang Dieu Anh graduated from National Economics University in 2017, majoring in Public Administration. Since she was a university student, Ms. Dieu Anh has participated in community projects to protect rights of disadvantaged groups. Up to now, she has had nearly 7 years of experience working as coordinator and leader in different projects related to children and youths. 

Ms. Dieu Anh was used to be the Deputy Head of Executive Committee - Head of Human Resource Department of "Viet Nam Youth Parliament" project, the only project of Vietnam to recieve sponsorship in Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF) Contest of The US Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

In 2019, Ms. Dieu Anh started working at Vietnet-ICT in the position of Communication & Youth Connection Officer. She desires to contribute her efforts to connect youths with technology projects, helping them to self-develop and have better awareness of online environment. 

When conducting IT projects at Vietnet-ICT, Ms. Dieu Anh can learn new knowledge about network safety, cyber security... and she gradually realizes her passion. "My goal in the near future is to officially become a Digital Data Security Trainer and furthermore contribute to help people change their mind about data security as well as practice safe way to use the Internet" - Ms. Dieu Anh shared. She believes that if she wants to better support youths, she must try to self-develop and make her perfect. 

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