[YTIC Plus 1] Careers Guidance Consultant No. 5 at Na Ri Secondary School - Bac Kan

Students are listened from Ms. Nguyen Lam Thuy - Vietnam Association of Social Psychology, Vala Psychological Consulting Office, and Master Pham Van Thanh - Head of Training - Vocational Center.
Thanks to Microsoft Vietnam Company and Central Youth Union for accompanying Vietnet Information Technology & Communication Center (Vietnet-ICT) to bring this useful event to students in remote areas.
Some beautiful pictures of the program:

The career orientation ceremony opens with meticulous lotus dance by students

Career choosing principles: I like - Society needs - I can afford

What does speaker say that makes students smile like that?

"Me! I have answer!"

Students participate in the game and recieve rewards from orgernizers

Organizers, the representative and students of Na Ri Secondary School - Bac Kan

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