Top five best programming languages for kids

Nowadays, many parents allow their children to access to programming when they are still in primary school. Getting familiar with programming early will help kids self-study interesting things such as how to test new ideas, how to devide complex ideas into simple parts, know how to cooperate with others to finish a project, learn how to find and fix mistakes when the result is not satisfied, practice patience when facing difficulties... moreover, if kids have chance to access to programming early, they will have more active brain and logical thinking.

Teaching programming for children is different from teaching for adults, we cannot teach them how to write code and command code like programmers. To bring programming to kids, we have to use games.

Today, there are many different programming languages and it's difficult to decide which one is the best option for your kids. To help you get the best choice, the article below will introduce you 5 best programming languages for kids. Let's find out.

Suitable programming languages for children

1. Scratch

Scratch is the best choice for anyone who want to teach children programming. With this programming language, you don't have to write error-prone logic, you will teach kids how to create animations, interactive stories, art or music. 

With Scratch, you can learn online for free. Users have opportunity to share about art works and games which attract children. 

More details:

2. Python

Python is a programming language that is easy to understand with well-written code style.

With Python, children will have few obstacles in learning how to program. They can learn how to logically think about programming ideas and then focus to turn these ideas into machine-explainable guide. Python also has "battery included" theory, mentions tremendous amount of money that can be made by simply researching and using the Python library. Many of common functions that needed for programmers have been integrated into the programming language, which makes it become interesting language for children to explore.

3. Ruby

For new programming learner, you can choose Ruby - a programming language with easy-reading syntax. With Ruby, you will not waste time to explain code for students, it will be typed automatically and explained to us. This is crucial for kids who have still learned the concepts of programming. At the end of the day, children need to learn definitions so that they can create different codes. Ruby is a poweful language, it was originally used to create Twitter, so you can instantly show students that this app is a tool used in popular platforms.

4. C++

This programming language was argued whether or not it should be added to programming languages for children list by experts and scientists. The reason is this programming language similar to math, which will make students forget that they are learning to code. C++ can open many doors into program world. Lots of successful programmers learned to code started with C or C++.

5. Java

Java is supposed to be more difficult than Ruby and Python, so choosing Java when starting to learn programming will make it easier for students to learn any languages next time.

Many students think about making their own apps or websites but don't know how to start. Java has been introduced and used for about two decades, so there are a lot of online resources, toolkits, and tutorials that almost anything can be created by using Java. There are some initial hurdles to need to overcome, such as installing the JDK and understanding how syntax works, but setting up the object-oriented programming language makes it easy for students to improve. Java looks similar to C and C ++, but provides more functions, thus allowing students to create more powerful programs.


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