Enhance the role of youths in Internet governance

In the scope of Internet Forum Vietnam 2019, on March 19th, in Hanoi, the Internet youth governnace forum 2019 is organized with two main discussion sessions.

This is the first time a specialized forum on Internet governnace was held in Vietnam, attracting a large number of young people and experts in digital and Internet from many countries such as Sweden, Canada, and Korea. After the introduction and clarification of Internet governance concept, for example, effective use of digital tool, transmittance and confirmation of accurate information on the Internet, besides, discussion between young Vietnamese delegates and international experts was exciting, sharing about digital application trends in Vietnam and global.

The Youth Internet Governance Forum is one of the top event for young people, helping them to learn and participate in policy debate with the purpose of creating a strong digital economics, in which everyone can access the Internet. Representative young delegates will be selected to participate in ASEAN Youth Governance Forum 2020.

This event attracted the attention of national communication agency such as VTV, VNews,…

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