The first time Youth Internet Governance Forum was held in Vietnam

Introducing advisory council of Youths Internet Governance Forum Vietnam on 20/3/2019.

In the morning, 20/3/2019, Youth Internet Governance Forum is organized the first time in 2019, one of marginal event of Internet Vietnam Forum, with the theme "Digital for good things"

The Youth Internet Governance Forum is organized in order to introducing Internet governance concept and international experiences, so that Vietnamese youths can have a chance to prepare for action plans to take part in both regional and international events of YIGF and IGF in the future. In this forum, with the partaking of representatives from international organizations, the advisory council of Youths Internet Governance Forum is introduced.

The Youths Internet Governance Forum is the first step, paving the way for numerous activities related to Internet governnace will happen in 2019 and 2020. The event is held within the framework of Vietnam Internet Forum 2019, co-organized by the Swedish Embassy, Hanoi People's Committee, United Nations Development Program (UNDP), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Vietnam Internet Association ( VIA) and Lund University (Sweden). This is an important activity of 50 years Swedish-Vietnamese diplomatic relations celebration program.

Since 2006, Internet Governance Forum - IGF has been an international event, held annually with the participation of stakeholders including government, business groups, research and social organizations, community representatives on the aspect of Internet Governance.

Youths are active in using the Internet, their participation in releasing Internet governance initiatives is extremely meaningful. Therefore, Youth Internet Governance Forum- YIGF was organized for the first time in HongKong in 2010. Based on IGF's multi-stakeholder approach, Youths Forum is an event for only youths, in which young people can learn and join in the Internet governance dicussion.

Introducing advisory council of Youths Internet Governance Forum Vietnam on 20/3/2019

In this event, representatives of YIGF youth council present the action plan for the next 12 months to prepare for Youth Internet Governance Forum 2020. In which, the draft focuses on activities attracting participation of youths in learning about Internet governance and communication to spread the concept and content of Internet governance to community, especially young people.

According to Mr. Micheal Gray, Program Director of SecDev, said that the training of digital citizens is deployed by many countries with the purpose of reducing corollarry related to Internet, digital citizens project attracts the youths' participation in Internet Governance. Youths play an important role in creating and using content in the Internet, so it is necessary for youths and also other actors to involve in making Internet Governance pilicies such as government, private organizations, citizens. Internet users are more and more young, thus, youths participate in the proccess of Internet governance is essential.

Mr. Michael L. Gray, Program Director of SecDev Foundation, Canada talks about Internet Governance, YIGF and role of youths.

According to Ms. Y J. Park, Korea Information & Technology Cooperation Center, the concept of Internet Governnace is still controversial, the definition of Governance derived from the United Nations can be understood as the efforts to identify diffenrent roles and participations of actors in the process of making Internet Governance policies. in which, youths can join in as decision-makers.

Ms. YJ, Park, Director of KICC shares about Internet Governance and international experiences.

Ms. Nguyen Thu Hue, the founder and CEO of Vietnet-ICT said that, the concept of Internet Governance is still new in Vietnam, for many years, Vietnet-ICT has accompanied with youths from all regions, especially ones who live in difficult and remote areas, initiatives bring them opportunities to access Information and Technology for start-ups. Vietnet-ICT starts the first Youth Internet Governnace Forum in Vietnam. Governance is a process in which, the stakeholders' engagements and voices are promoted. Vietnet-ICT believes that Vietnamese youths will come up with great ideas and practices to participate in Internet Governance, for a safe and effective network environment.

Ms Nguyen Thu Hue, the founder and CEO of Vietnet-ICT
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