Without computers, an African teacher teach Microsoft Word on blackboard

A teacher in Ghana help students visualize how to compose text even though his school could not afford to buy computers. 

One Facebook post on February 15th by Owura Kwadwo, a teacher in Kumasi, Ghana (a Western Africa country) is widely spread. He uses an unconventional and impromptu method to teach information technology without a computer. 

Response to Bored Panda on February 24th, Kwadwo said that rural areas where he taught, lacked of basic equipment. "Every teacher has different method to impart knowledge to students. This is my way" 

Thầy Kwadwo vẽ lại màn hình Microsoft Word lên bảng đen.

Kwadwo applies visual art and creativity to teach students to compose text. He drew the entire screen of Microsoft Word on the blackboard so that students can copy and learn from it. This method has a positive effect, the kids are very fond of his class. “At least I help students visualize what they would see if they were sitting in front of a computer. I want to make sure they understand everything before leaving the classroom" the teacher said.

Kwadwo's post leads to a discussion on social media in Ghana. Many people praised him for his dedication in teaching and his ability to improvise. It's a pity that a lot of schools have not had computers in 2018. Kwadwo believes that the government is helping teachers and students to better improve in information technology and communication. Change is clearly seen in big cities such as Accra and Kumasi, but very slowly in rural areas.

Học sinh hào hứng khi tham dự lớp học công nghệ thông tin trong điều kiện không có máy tính. 

Students are interesting in attending information technology class without computers. 

Since the teaching story is well known, Kwadwo has received many offers to donate to buy computers and projectors for school. He plans to help other schools which are also shortage of equipment in the area. 

Source: vnexpress.net

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