Online Internet Governance Course

To gain based knowledge about Internet Governance, members of core team – YIGF Vietnam registered for “Shaping Internet” course, provided by Internet Society.

This course includes 10 modules, small amount of information related to Internet will be delivered in each section. Content of each module will be described below.

Module 01: The history of Internet Lịch sử của Internet

In this section, we will follow chronology of major technical innovations and discover key fundamentals, which are still as valid as the early days of the Internet.

Module 02: Internet immutability

“Internet immutability” means Internet has not changed. Without it, the Internet evolutional path could lead to a network that does not bring benefits and opportunities to the last user as today. In this module, we explore 8 Internet invariants.

Module 03: Introduction of Internet Governance

This module begins with a discussion on defining Internet Governance. Then, exploring different methods in which organizations attempt to establish classification rules or classification systems - involved in Internet Governance.

Module 04: Principles of Internet policy

In this part, we consider about Internet principles and how they develop together with Internet.

Module 05: Internet actors and related groups

In this module, we introduce factors and organizations of Internet ecosystem and discuss about the concept of “multi-subject” - one of the most common terms in Internet Governance.

Module 06: Infrastructure, standards, protocols and Internet system

In this section, we cover several important topics, starting with technical information of Internet infrastructures and network protocols.

Module 07: Regulatory framework

In this module, we will briefly review the key components of regulatory reform, the features of open and competitive telecommunication markets, anh the role of both regulations and management of the agency. The second part stress on the exigence of Network Neutrality.

Module 08: Internet governance for development

This part will focus on the role of policy frameworks and legal initiatives in promoting Internent deployment and developing mass media to address core development issues, such as Digital division.

Module 09: Legal aspect of Internet governance

There is no universal law or regulations for the Internet. The international, regional and national legal regimes and aslo various institutions establish and influence on the development of laws and policies, playing a role in regulating Internet activities.

Module 10: Digital included

This section explains the importance of accelerating language diversity on the Internet, challenges and steps taken to solutions, including Internationalization and Localization efforts.

Module 11: Network security and resilience

In this module, we consider several different elements of cybersecurity, starting with the importance of risk management and then, moving on with the significance of collaboration and combination in cybersecurity space, in which, the role of public and private partnership and also other factors are examined.

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