Techsoup registration for Non-profit guide

TechSoup cooperate with local partners around the world to ascertain non-profit organizations. TechSoup's partners check legal and other information of the organization to ensure this organization is legally registered as social welfare, nonprofit, and non-government organization.

Besides, joining Techsoup for Non-profits, NGO can buy copyrighted software from suppliers such as Microsoft, Adobe, AutoDessk, Google, Zoom, Bitdefender, etc.

Techsoup registration for Non-profit guide

Register at: Sign Up | TechSoup Vietnam

Step 1: Create user account

Note: The user account will be an administrator account with direct access to the donation and discount category.

Step 2: Add organization

When successfully create an user account, you will be prompted "Add organization". If you are not prompted or miss the message, tou can add organization by clicking here.

Note: You need to log in user account before adding organization. If you have not had an user acoount yet, please see Step 1 above.

Step 3: Submit required documents

a. For Science and Technology Organizations

– Science and Technology Operation Registration Certificate

– Establishment decision

– Head appoinment decision

– Organization and operation Charter

– Contact details: Address, Mail, Phone number

b. For international non-governmental organizations

– Operation Registration Certificate in Vietnam

– License of project office, representative in Vietnam

– Contact details: Address, Mail, Phone number

c. For social protection organizations, Associations, Charities:

– Establishment decision

– Organization and operation Charter

Step 4: Wait for approval After you have completed the above steps, Techsoup will need time to review your organizational profile, which will take about 3-5 working days

Seedetails instruction here

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