Canva registration for Non-profits guide

Step 1: Check whether or not your organization is supported by Canva in this program.

In Vietnam, for organizations and associations registered to operate; according to the regulations on associations (Decree 45 (2010); Decree 148 (2007) for social and charity funds); or notification (Decree 151 (2007) to cooperatives.

Step 2: Register for a Canva account at (Collaborate & create impressive graphic designs for free (

This is a shared email for organization, so organization can use specialized email, not personal email.

Step 3: See Terms and Conditions of organizations when joining Canva for Nonprofit program (Nonprofit Terms and Conditions – Canva Help Center)

Step 4: Answer some questions (Application form) at Canva for Nonprofits program overview – Canva Help Center

* Canva for nonprofits questions:

1. What is your approach? (eg: Helping homeless to find employment through job training) * max 1000 characters.

2. What has been your progress to date?* max 1000 characters.

3. How can people help?* (eg. Spread awareness, donate, volunteer. What’s the best place for them to visit) max 500 characters.

4. What would you like the world to know?* max 500 characters.

Attach tax documentation or proof of NFP status: * (Organizations can upload photos of their tax documents or registration papers, establish their organization as a non-profit, etc..)

5. I want to use Canva to…* (max 500 characters)

Suggestion: Organizations can mention the purpose of using Canva. Use for the purpose of producing and designing publications for media community compaign; Promoting image and brand of the organizations v.v..

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