[JOB OPPORTUNITY] Educational Project Evaluation Specialist

Project Background

The aim of "Enhancing information technology skills for youths to integrate and develop" project is narrowing digital gap, arousing passion, developing knowledge and skills in computer science, applying information technology for youths in disadvantaged areas, and also contributing lesson learnt to expand scale in the next phase.

Specifically, in the first phase, after 12 month of implementation, from March 2016 to March 2017, the project has built a set of informatics textbooks on the basis of inheriting the current and updated computer program, including: Basic Applied Informatics, 2D-3D graphics and video editing, 2D-3D programming and Internet Safety. In school year 2016 - 2017, this curriculum is used to teach in extracurricular program at remote secondary schools, boarding schools and continuing education centers in 6 provinces. Over 300 informatics teachers have participated in training course about knowledge and teaching methodof this program, both online and offline.


Number of provinces participating in the pilot project


Number of teachers trained in extracurricular teaching method


Number of students having access to the creative method through trained teachers


Number of youths participating in events, contests and other project activities


Number of experts participating in the project



– Improve the quality of teaching and learning, way to access to computer science, IT for youths in disadvantaged areas
– Youths are interested in computer science, also having knowledge and skills about IT
– Youths have better career orientation

Job description
The purpose of the assessment is to analyze the impacts and effectiveness of the project, to make recommendations to improve the quality of the curriculum, teaching methods, project implementation as well as implementation partners.

Specific assessment objectives


1.      Curriculum, teaching method and project implementation

a)      Curriculum

–          Evaluate the appropriateness of program to students' cognitive and learning level.

– Evaluate the success level of the curriculum in building programs to update modern information technology and computer science knowledge for secondary students.

–          Give recommendations for removing/ adding contents/ topics.

–          Evaluate the reasonableness of expression, appropriateness and friendliness of the curriculum when using for teachers and students.

–          Evaluate the program's suitability (content, duration) for current secondary education program distribution.

b)      Teaching method

– Evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching methods which are used by experts when training teachers and by teachers when teaching students (project-based learning, teamwork, product presentation, self-promotion learn…).

–          Give comments and recommendations about continuing and changing methods.

c)      Project implementation

–          Evaluate the satisfaction of teachers in project management, implementation support from project coordination units.

–          Evaluate the implementation suitability of localities and schools participating in the project (type of school, facilities, human resources ...). Then, giving recommendations about choosing appropriate venue and schools to implementing project in the next phase.


2.      Project result and impacts

–          Evaluate the level of project's impact in enhancing information technology and computer science skills for youths, especially in disadvanteged areas

–          Evaluate level of active participation of teachers and teenagers in the project activities

–          Identify and address the unintentional impacts that the project create

–          Identify and evaluate the project problems

–          Evaluate the results, statements or comments of the participants about the project


Product Requirement:

– 20-page report in Vietnamese and English, submited by May 4th, 2017
– Result Presentation

Research Methodology:
– Data analysis
– Quanlitative Research
– Research report

The survey is carried on teachers and students of 6 provinces/ cities: Hoa Binh, Quang Ninh, Da Nang, Quang Nam, Kien Giang, Soc Trang.

Experience Requirements:
The expert team need members who meet the following experience requirements:

– At least 5 years of experience in project evaluation (including quanlitative and quantitative assessment method)
– Expert in information technology, computer science, or curriculum development and training for secondary students.
– Communication skill and ability to work in multidisciplinary team.
– The ability to present and write report well in both English and Vietnamese.
The budget ia from 60 to 70 million VND, depends on expert's experiences and project evaluation plan proposal.

Application form:
Candidates can apply individually or in groups. Application file includes:
– Curriculum vitae/ CV (no more than 3 pages), summarizing the capabilities and working experiences;
– Application letter (individuals/ groups)
– Project Evaluation Proposal

Submission deadline: 20/4/2017

Please send your dossier to: Ms. Pham Thi Hien (hienpt@vietnet-ict.org , phone number: 0906.223.609), cc to: trangnm@vietnet-ict.org. We will consider the recieved dossier, and only appropriate candidates will be entered in the interview.
See detailed TOR:
VietnetICT-TOR_educational project evaluation _VIE.pdf
VietnetICT-TOR_Education project evaluation consultant_En.pdf

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