After 2 years of implementation, 108,000 children from disadvantaged areas can improve their learning efficiency thanks to access to Applied Informatics and Computer Science programs.

Hanoi, April 20th, 2018 - After observing her classmate often use one hand or one finger to type, Bui Thanh Tam - student of class 9A, Thuong Coc Secondary School (Hoa Binh) programmed a learning game "Typing Practice Program". In Thai Nguyen, Hoang Duy Tien, student of 9D, Nam Hoa Secondary School, created a program called "Traffic Safety" to help his classmate learn about how to use transport safely and legally, in a more fun and accessible way than regular theory lessons.

[JOB OPPORTUNITY] Educational Project Evaluation Specialist

The aim of "Enhancing information technology skills for youths to integrate and develop" project is narrowing digital gap, arousing passion, developing knowledge and skills in computer science, applying information technology for youths in disadvantaged areas, and also contributing lesson learnt to expand scale in the next phase.
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