40 online websites that teach you eveything

Following websites and apps will provide you with a large amount of knowledge about everything, from science, economics, art, society to the latest technology trends.

Forgot about schools or expensive courses with full of students but poor results. The following websites and apps will provide you with a large amount of knowledge about everything, from science, economics, art, society to the latest technology trends, totally free or very low cost compared to learning at schools or centers.

The special thing is that many of these online learning platform include both web and app on mobile (allow to download videos to watch offline), lessons are splited into few minutes to 1 hour parts, makes your learning easy even when travelling. You will have no reason for not having opportunities to learn to improve your skills. No longer the annoyance of having to go to class at a fix time, you can easily learn lessons from Google, Microsoft experts when you are at home or on the bus.

Let's go through great learning resources below, click the name to move to website.

1. Platforms that provide online courses

edX —Learn online courses from top universities in the world. One of the famous courses taken by thousand of people on edX is Introduction to Computer Science (Introduction to Computer Science - CS50x) of Harvard University.

Coursera —Free online courses from top universities in the world with many Vietnamese subtitles courses. You can choose to study free course (with full documents, videos) or paid course (to get certification from famous universities when finishing the course

ALISON — Free online courses from British, US universities and experts from Google, Microsoft,...

Khan Academy — Summary of courses in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Business,... totally free with interface and wonderful experience

MIT Opencourseware —Online courses of all fields taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), providing books, soft copy materials, and lecture videos.

Open Yale Courses — Courses of all fields taught in Yale University

Coursmos — Take micro course (short time) anywhere, on any devices

Highbrow —Recieve small courses sent to you mailbox daily (free)

Skillshare —Courses and online project awake your creativity with only $12/ month in order to access to vast database with the hottest skills for job

Curious —Learn skills development through online video lessons on web and app

lynda.com —Learn technology, creative skills and business

CreativeLive —Learn free creative courses from world top experts

Udemy —Learn the hottest skills to support career, designing, web/ app developing, marketing or business launching with thousands of free or paid courses from experts

Open Learn — Summary of free online courses in every fields

How to start a startup — Summary of lessons (through videos and materials) taught in the world's leading startup incubator Y Combinator

2. Learn programming

Codecademy —Free-learning code course through interesting interactive lessons, hands-on practice

Microsoft Virtual Academy —Learn to design web, games, apps, cloud platform development, big data,... freely with Microsoft experts. The company even launched a basic programming course for Vietnamese people, details here.

Udacity —Learn code and data science from A to Z through online videos of experts from Google, Facebook. Similar to Coursera and edX, you can choose free course (without certification) or paid couses (to get nanodegree certification as a career lever)

Platzi —Design, Marketing and Code Online Couses from experts in technology startup field in US

CodeCombat —Learn programming through games

Code School — Learn code practise

Code4Startup — Quick programming learning for startup by guiding how to re-code famous websites and applications such as Airbnb, Product Hunt, Tinder,...

Thinkful —Enhance your level with expert (1-1 model)

Free Code Camp —Free code learning to support community

Code.org — Start to learn today with basic lectures

BaseRails —Practice Ruby on Rails and other techinical skills

Treehouse —Learn about HTML, CSS, iPhone apps and more

One Month —Learn to code, create apps or websites within 1 month

Dash —Learn the latest web design techniques

3. Learn Data Science - a hot field today

DataCamp — R Lectures and Data Science

DataQuest —Learn data science on browser

DataMonkey — Develop data analysis skill in a simple but fun way

In addition, online learning platforms such as Coursera, Udacity, edX also includes numerous courses about data science and data analysis.

4. Learn foreign language

Duolingo — Free foreign languages learning

Lingvist —Learning foreign language within 200 hours

Busuu —Free foreign language learning community

Memrise — Using flashcards to learn vocabulary

5. Broaden knowledge

TED Talks —Summary of speech sharing ideas about breakthrough of science, education and design (many videos have Vietnamese sub)

Guides.co —Detailed tutorials from content marketing to start-ups

Squareknot — Similar to Wikihow, Guides.co provides vivid and beautiful tutorials of everything in life

6. Other web

Chesscademy — Free website to learn how to play chess

Pianu — Online new way to learn how to play piano

Yousician — Technology private guitar tutor

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